Central Area

Dos Ojos System
Motzai Ha/Dowstream line multi-traverse/Mott Mott line/Claudia’s line/Imax line/Traverse to Tikim Chi/Tikim Chi lines/LSD area/Traverse Tikim Chi – The Pit/The Pit dowstream line/The Pit upstream line/The Pit deep lines


Sac Aktun System, DOS OJOS entrance

Dirty Dog (I Hop)/Pet Cementery/Diaz line/X line/Dark Side line/The Blue Abyss


Sac Aktun System, Yaxmul entrance



Sac Aktun System, Nohoch entrance

Nohoch Na Chich upstream main line/Nohoch Na Chich downstream line


Sac Aktun System, Tankah entrance

Manatee cenote circuit


Sac Aktun System, Caleta Tankah

Abejas canyons


27 Steps

2 main lines


Chemuyil Cenotes

Kizin system/Estrella/Tuxcupacha (mammoth bones)

Northern Area

Chac Mol

Upstream line/Downstream line to the Mojarra cenote, passing by the gigantic stalactite (the largest in the world!).


Chickin Ha

Traverse to Ponderosa



Traverse to Chikin Ha/Main circuit



Upstream circuit



Chinese Garden/Upstream circuit

Tulum Area

Sac Aktun System, Cenote Naval

Upstream line


Sac Aktun System, Temple of Doom

Temple of Doom circuits


Sac Aktun System, Gran Cenote

Downstream line/Cuzan Nah circuit - Colmillos/Paso del Lagarto line/Lithium Sunset/Pabilany line/Azteca cenote line/Tum Ben Beh section


Sac Aktun System, Kalimba

Bosh Chen circuit/Traverse to Gran Cenote/Rubberneck line


Sistema Camilo

Muchachos/Muchachos Black forest jump/Mud


Vaca Ha

Main line



Main line & deep circuit



Upstream line/Room of tears/Dreamland/Room of ancients/Satin’s silthole



Chac’s room/The trifurcade/Traverse to Mayan Blue


Mayan Blue

Hostage Hall/Traverse to Naharon/Circuit Tunnels A B C/Dead Zone circuit/The Tubes


Jail House

Deep passage (prehistoric bones)/Traverse to Cenote del Sol


Chen Hol

Main line/Forza circuit


Ox Bel Ha System

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